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Conservancy Initiatives & Projects

Fire Protection

The Rooiberg Breede River Conservancy is a member of the Winelands Fire Protection Association/ Agency (WFPA) to predict, prevent, manage and extinguish veld fires in our area.

Erosion Control

The conservancy with the help of Graham Beck Wines  and LANDCARE managed to secure more than R2 million worth of “Gabions” to tackle this problem.

Alien Clearing

Invasive alien flora, such as Eucalyptus, Pines and Hakea pose the greatest threat to conservation in the Walker Bay Region.  These trees established rapidly and subsequently invaded the downstream river.  Much of the natural vegetation in the conservancy is threatened by invasion from exotic trees. Thanks to funding and labour from Landcare, since July 2019 the Conservancy has cleared approximately 86 hectares of alien vegetation, where-after the landowners take responsibility to continue with follow up alien clearing.

Wildlife monitoring

most animals found within the Conservancy are shy and difficult to see, with a large portion if these animals being nocturnal.

The RBRC acquired camera traps (through a partnership with the Landmark Foundation) which are placed at various strategic sites across the conservancy. Along with these camera traps, landowners within the conservancy also have privately bought cameras which help with getting to know the movement of the animals in the area.

Biodiversity Stewardship

WWF-SA, in partnership with CapeNature and conservation champions in this landscape, is currently assisting a group of landowners in securing biodiversity stewardship agreements. These landowners have voluntarily opted to participate in this initiative as they wish to contribute to the improved conservation and management of the biodiversity features within the Conservancy. Several biodiversity stewardship mechanisms are available to landowners.  In this instance it is an ideal conservation tool, regulating the area as a buffer zone for the conservation and protection of existing protected Areas.

It enables landowners to take action to conserve biological diversity on their land and to seek legal recognition therefor; to protect the area if the area is sensitive to development, to protect a specific ecosystem outside of existing protected areas.