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The Rooiberg Breede River Conservancy is 13,549 hectares of diverse wild life, bird species and unique veld with stunning views of the Langeberg and Rooiberg mountains. The scenic beauty of the area is one of the key attractions for tourists visiting historical Robertson, just 2 hours from Cape Town.

This area has been identified as one of the top priority areas for conservation by the Succulent Karoo Ecosystem Programme (SKEP), the WWF initiated Lesley Hill Succulent Karoo Trust and the National Protected Area Expansion Strategy.

We need individuals,- young and old-, to take hands again and assure each other that we are committed regarding the conservancy and our intention to secure a safe and beautiful place for the future generations to live and work in.

The Future of Conservation

We have to realise that the focus of conservation has shifted from saving the rhino to saving the planet and subsequently ourselves.

Conservancy Initiatives & Projects

Fire Protection

The Rooiberg Breede River Conservancy is a member of the Winelands Fire Protection Association/ Agency (WFPA) to predict, prevent, manage and extinguish veld fires in our area.

Erosion Project

The conservancy with the help of Graham Beck Wines  and LANDCARE managed to secure more than R2 million worth of “Gabions” to tackle this problem.

Mining Application

Read the latest news regarding the legal battle to stop the clay mining and brick factory applications at Gannabosch Vlakte 51.

New MTB Trails

Rooiberg Winery, Roam Rooiberg and Saggy Stone are three scenic routes totalling 71 km and 13 km of single track with monthly night rides.

Siyazenzela Training

The Graham & Rhona Beck Skills Centre together with Graham Beck Enterprises (members of the Conservancy) were once again the proud hosts of the Wilderness Foundation’s successful Siyazenzela training programme.

Medicinal Veld Plants

We are privileged to have a treasure chest full of medicinal herbs in the Western Cape and here in our conservation area.