International Plant Appreciation Day – Brunsvigia orientalis

International Plant Appreciation Day (13 April) inspired us to celebrate a series of our own stunning lilies in the veld this month!

Brunsvigia orientalis / Chandelier lily / Rooi kandelaar

In 1753 the botanist Lorenz Heister, at the University of Helmstädt, renamed Amaryllis orientalis to Brunsvigia orientalis, in honour of his patron the Duke of Brunswick. In February/March you can see this beautiful bright red chandeliers in the veld.

There are ± 50 large blooms on a 20cm pedical. As soon as the flowers dry, the stalks snap off and the wind sends the spherical heads tumbling along, spreading the seeds. In May 2 to 6 flat leaves spread on the ground and start to die from October.

The bulbs rest underground and save a lot of moisture. These plants have a toxic principle which prevents them from being eaten by moles.

This is truly a water wise plant, because it only needs water during winter.

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