Medicinal value of our veld

Different veld plants are used for medicinal purposes in South Africa. More people tend to use natural products that are more easily absorbed by the body and the more essential and less processed, the better.

We are privileged to have a treasure chest full of medicinal herbs in the Western Cape and here in our conservation area. Research has shown that about 112 species, of the 3,000, are used more frequently for a variety of ailments. The most popular are Buckwheat, Wild Garlic, Cattail, Calamus, Cancer Bush, Wild Paprika and Aloe species.

Unfortunately, it is also the case that the roots of these plants or even the whole plant are used for tea, decoction, tincture or a porridge. Our aim is to capture seeds in the veld or to make cuttings. We then plant the cuttings in bags, to preserve species. At the moment we have two tunnels with ginger and turmeric, also incredible medicinal plants. Cancer bush dry naturally so it can easily be used in as tea.

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