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A Conservation Corridor

Nestled at the base of the Langeberg Mountains, in the valley of wine and roses, between Worcester and Robertson, lies an area supporting some of the last remaining  Karoo and Renosterveld vegetation. Here lies the Rooiberg Breederiver Conservancy, bordered by the Langeberg Mountains and the Breederiver. Here the farming community has joined forces to form a non-profit trust to promote conservation on private land. Together we protect 16 000 hectares of endangered vegetation and the wildlife that thrives here. Our members are long standing wine and fruit farmers and tourism establishments who care deeply about the lands’ agricultural and conservation value.

Explore. Relax. Breathe. Adventure.


Enjoy the vast open space, the mountains and the river. Reconnect with nature on various hiking trails and mountain biking routes available. Relax and enjoy the view whilst sipping on first class wines and craft beers produced in our valley.

What we do

As a non-profit trust, we are donor-driven. We are a young conservancy  where agriculture and conservation work together. We clear invasive alien vegetation from our rivers, wetlands and natural areas, manage fires together, and hope to expand our eco-tourism programme to generate incomes and provide employment. ​

We have received recognition for our efforts, being awarded the Cape Fox Trophy Award for the best managed conservancy in 2018 and the Cape Fox Trophy award for best innovative landscape conservation in 2022.

Amazing and precious biodiversity.

The Conservancy is home to a number of plants that are Critically Endangered ​ (9), Endangered (18), Rare (27), Vulnerable (38) and Near Threatened (35). Iconic species such as Cape leopard are in the area. The area provides ideal habitat for the Riverine Rabbit (Critically Endangered), with confirmed sightings of brown Hyena and honey badger (Vulnerable).  Restricted populations of the Endangered Breede Redfin Minnow occur in upper stretches of the Vink and Noree streams.

Latest News

02 Nov: Cape Fox Trophy Award

On the 26th October 2022, the conservancy was awarded the Cape Fox Trophy for “Best innovative landscape conservation” by Conservation…

08 Sep: Arbor week Tree planting

During Arbor Week 2022, the conservancy donated over 100 trees and shrubs from our nursery to Vinkriver and Eilandia Primary…

28 Jun: Soil Health & cover crop workshop

22 June 2022 The conservancy, together with WWF Conservation Champions, hosted a workshop for landowners on role of cover crops…

10 Feb: Position available

Part time admin assistant position to assist with administrative duties related to the operational activities of the conservancy. Contract three-year…

18 Aug: River Restoration

After months of growing plants in the nursery, in August 2021 we kicked off our first planting day! A stretch…

29 May: Conservation champions and stewardship awards

In an exciting milestone moment, the conservancy had 5 landowners sign into various forms of stewardship between 2020 and 2021….

26 May: Logo Launch

In May 2021 the conservancy launched its new logo. This is to create a unique identity and recognizable brand.  The…

27 Oct: Snare Awareness Workshop

On the 27 October 2020 the Conservancy facilitated a workshop given by the Cape Leopard Trust to land owners/managers and…