Predict, prevent, manage and extinguish veld fires

The Rooiberg Breede River Conservancy is a member of the Winelands Fire Protection Association/ Agency (WFPA) to predict, prevent, manage and extinguish veld fires in our area. Landowners within the Conservancy would like to ensure that the risks of veld fires to forests or vegetation. 11 Members are so far registered as members to the PFA in our Conservancy area. 20 members and staff were trained on Veld Fire training on 13-14 Aug 2015.


  • Fire management plans compiled by competent staff for Fire Management Units (FMU’s) as well as advice to members for their specific properties, if so requested.
  • Members adhering to the rules of the WFPA will automatically comply with legislation;
  • Members are automatically affiliated to the Western Cape Umbrella FPA which liaises with National, Provincial and Local Government and parastatal structures;
  • Awareness campaigns are initiated, which will include the establishment of a website;
  • Reduction of fire related risks and spread of fires by various means e.g.: fuel load management, strategic fire breaks and identification of hot spots;
  • Members will have access to WFPA controlled resources at minimal rates for both suppression and prevention operations.
  • FPA organises appropriate training and development for members and their staff at pre-negotiated rates.
  • The WFPA will assist with co-ordination and organisation of members with the District Fire Services during fire-suppression operations.
  • The WFPA is the best mechanism to gain support from government initiatives (such as Working on Fire), NGO `s and other fire or land care related organisations.
  • Firebreaks that are not needed on the cadastral boundaries, especially up mountain slopes, could result in realignments being negotiated between landowners and exemptions can be applied for by members of the FMU’s resulting in a more practical and usable firebreak system. This will result in a cost saving for members by not necessarily having to prepare firebreaks on all the cadastral boundaries.
  • The WFPA will lobby on behalf of members for discounts or rebates with Insurance organisations.
  • Members will also improve their results on the score-sheet for various certification bodies, during audits.

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