Erosion problems – here we come!

Since the last floods, we all experienced erosion problems in some way or the other. Most of the problems needed massive structures “Gabions” to combat erosion problems. These structures are expensive and labour intensive not to mention the amount of rocks we have to move to implement, or the cost of design of structures that needed engineered advice.
Well you can relax! The conservancy with the help of Graham Beck Wines (cost of transport) and LANDCARE (Rudolph and the gang at Western Cape Department of Agriculture) managed to secure more than R2 million worth of “Gabions” All safe and sound in storage on Graham Beck Property.

Up until now we have identified 7 spots on the conservancy that desperately need restoration and the engineers finished evaluating at least 3 spots and given suggestions regarding addressing the problems.

Cost of labour will be for the land owner, own staff if trained, or he can negotiate with the” Enviro-care” team once we have completed the work at Graham Beck Wines.

During May ( probably 2nd till 4th) we will have training regarding how to pack Gabions on Graham Beck property. All members are welcome to send staff and we are planning to get a team of 6 proper trained for future projects (Jaco Enviro-care) a friend of the conservancy member.

On 18th till 21 July training regarding development of more appropriate structures will be given to the engineers of Western Cape Department of Agriculture, where after they will be able to assist land owners ( members of the conservancy) in a much faster way regarding solutions to erosion problems.

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