Creating a conservation corridor

SO here we are, working and living every day, securely nestled between the LANGEBERG and the RIVIER SONDER END BERG. Did you know that the area between Robertson and Worcester are regarded as one of the last remaining areas that support almost 100% natural vegetation?

This natural corridor is extremely important to sustain wildlife that commute between the two mountain ranges. It represents valuable climate corridors that we need to protect and was identified by Cape Nature as vast patches of Critical Biodiversity Areas (CBA). WWF and The Table Mountain Fund, regard this as one of 6 areas in the Western Cape that need protection and The Lesley Hill Foundation created a fund to conserve aspects of this area. The Wilderness foundation and its Karoo Conservation Fund (funded by The Game Reserve Wines partnership Graham Beck and now Rooiberg cellar), indicated that it will be one of its priority conservation support spots in the Western Cape.

It is also an area regarded by the Succulent Karoo Ecosystem Program (SKEP) as critical to conserve for future generations. The next generations, we think? will have to live in periods of massive climate variations.

WE have a responsibility to ensure survival of all sharing this section of the planet.
• 125 Red Data Plant species,
• 623 special plant species,
• 11 frog species,
• 33 mammal species,
• 47 reptile species ,
• 11 fish species,
• 88 butterfly species and the
• 198 bird species

We will have to commit ourselves today towards the creation and protection of a corridor that will ensure future diversity survival around us.

Each individual land owner will have to decide to what extent he wants to engage in this conservation of the corridor. Different structures exist to ensure you secure part of your land for future generations.

• It could be strict-by declaring your land as a Protected Environment (PE) basically the same status as a National Park. Or
• You could also decide that sections of your land will be a Voluntary Conservation site (basically the other extent of securing conservation but on a short term basis )
• Other structures exist like different levels of stewardship agreements with Cape Nature or
• Creating a servitude on your title deed for future generations

WWF / The Wilderness Foundation/ The Lesley Hill foundation/ Table Mountain Fund and Cape Nature have indicated that it will assist towards the creation of the corridor
We are planning an open day at the Skills Centre and would like to invite you to attend and discuss how and where you can get involved regarding the creation of a corridor.

An appropriate date will be communicated in due time

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